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The cabbage variety Pinkstar gives food processors and retailers a new innovation to create exciting products and retail opportunities.


“Red cabbage is so much more attractive and exciting for customers, compared to conventional white heads,” enthused Simon. “But for the processor, caterer and retailer, it’s a nightmare, with the red colour contaminating everything it touches, including production lines, handling equipment and packaging. Pinkstar gives the same brilliant visual appearance, taste and crunch, whilst remaining totally clean – both in the factory and for the consumer eating experience. It shares all the same potential health benefits from eating cabbage too.”


Syngenta Field Brassica Specialist, Nigel Kingston, highlighted the brassica variety breeding programme has continued to create a number of exciting new initiatives for the sector in recent years – with other developments set to come to fruition soon.  


“Innovation in the food sector rarely comes overnight,” said Nigel. “It’s taken a huge investment in time, effort and money, from both Simon and Syngenta, to get Pinkstar established and adopted by food processors to try new ideas and product lines.


“We are now very excited to see the potential extension of Pinkstar coleslaw with retailers and fast food restaurants in the future. It’s set to be enjoyed and appreciated by millions more customers as part of a healthier eating offer.”