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White cabbage has been grown since 1970 and has now become our main crop.

We grow white cabbage for coleslaw, retail and wholesale outlets and also for export.

White cabbage varieties are trialled from around the world and are chosen for taste, looks and quality. Attention to detail is of the utmost importance.


Naylor Farms is the exclusive grower of the Pinkstar Cabbage in Europe which is bred by Syngenta.

The cabbage variety Pinkstar gives food processors and retailers a new innovation to create exciting products and retail opportunities.


High quality Maris Piper is grown on our Lincolnshire silt land which produces bright clear skins and the taste is second to none. This variety has a light fluffy texture and is a great all rounder for baking frying and steaming.

The crop is destined for pre-pack and processing.


These have been grown since the 1930's along with tulips. Now we have stopped producing tulips and specialized in narcissi.

We start flower production at the end of January and finish by mid April. The majority of our crop is exported to Holland, Germany and Denmark.


This is grown as part of our rotation, resting the land thus deterring the spread of diseases. It is grown after our vegetable crops.


Red cabbage has been grown since the 1980s and it is used mainly in salad bags for retail.

We also supply red cabbage to food service customers and wholesale.

We work very closely with our customers to provide first class quality and service.